One early morning, maybe around 3:20 am, I woke up from a dream on the recent reports I submitted in the office. I opened my eyes and stretched sluggishly when a scary thing suddenly happened.

My stretched left foot did not return to its normal pose, it stayed stretched!

My God, I panicked. I tried rotating it slowly to normalise but it hurts! Few more rotations and nothing. And so I did the next logical thing to do, I cried.

I thought of my dreams that will be unfulfilled because of this. I thought of not being able to jog, to run, to rush inside the trains, to chase after businesspeople, to walk alongside my crush, to play fetch with my future dogs…

I was crying silently amid my housemates’ deep slumber. I was not ready to give up my left foot. I cannot, not now. Not in the future.

I tried helping it again. Boy it was painful! Like I dislocated a joint or something. I did not know a simple stretch would be such a terrible mistake.

After some more pressure on the foot, I pulled it back. DANG IT HURTS!!!

And then it normalised, like nothing happened. Like it was just a dream.

Am I running too fast in life again? Maybe I am. This busy life eats me and I sink in and forget things, events, people. Maybe God knows that the only way to stop me is to have my foot paralyzed, and even then, my spirit would still go on.

All right. I am not the Flash. I need some mellow in my otherwise caffeine-induced days. So from now on, I ‘ll go for the chill and let the potatoes potate.




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