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Hey guys, what’s up?:)

I was looking for a plastic bag under the sink the other day. After some painful decluttering of the vast disarray that is our, uhhhh, under-the-sink-cabinet, I found no single bag but instead, a boxful of treasharrrrr! (Insert Bruno Mars here, lol).


Apparently, these are the balance of books that I failed to send over to my cousin last year. I sent him 2 boxes before, when I was moving out of my old boarding house, but then I guess I forgot about this third batch.

I asked dear cousin if he wants more books but then he said his reading list is still full. So…

How about you guys? Do your shelves still have space for my dear books?:)


Here’s a proposal, if you like any of my books, you could have it! The only catch is, you have to pay me with a book, too. :) So yeah, a book swap!

Heyyyy! I know bookreaders love hoarding books! I am sure you have books out there that you just keep in your room. Let’s give them justice, let them be read! :D

But what if I might not like the book you would like to trade off? Hmmmm. Yeah, well, I’m pretty flexible. We could talk over our deal via email:

Anyway, in my best librarian skills, kindly take a look at my collection. Hopefully you’d find something interesting:



*except Pygmy


If you love writing






Filipino authors


If you like anything, let me know by dropping a message. :)

Happy reading! :)


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