Better let this out before I start working.

I’m upset about you lying again. I have been playing this feel-good song over and over because I do not want to burst. I keep on bottling this up because I believe you’d get over this and be adult. I searched your eyes because I know you did it, again, but man, you lied to my face. I asked you because I am giving you a chance to confess but you blew it. I don’t know what to feel towards you or the things that you do. I try to let it slide, each time, hoping that there won’t be next time, but it seems this encourages you further to continue on. Dude, stop lying. And yes, not telling is lying because you know you did it and yet you keep mum. I honestly do not know whether I could contain it further. You see, I want to forgive you but how can I when you do not even confess it? Am I sure? Damn right I am! I saw you, many times. And it pains me that you could look into my eyes like it was nothing. Show some respect because I respect you. Damn it, I’m tired of this sh*t that you do.


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