Let us date, please

Teddy Geiger sings in my head, I am not sure if that is to encourage or lull me to sleep. I tried flipping my schedule today. Flung myself to bed first before I resumed working, again, for another job I signed up for. If only I could grow another me so she could spit these reports now.

Eyes are reddish when I ordered dinner at past 9. I sensed the cashier making an internal judgment about my fresh-from-the-bed-bun and puffy cheeks. While waiting for my take-out, I texted  mom with a lengthy message detailing my toils and that I miss her. She replied in instant brevity, Nllgo aq.

I badly want to have my third cup of coffee but I might be wide-awake at three and that would be a problem. I remembered the other night, the kind of sleep I had was delicious. I was half-conscious when it happened. Ngumanga ako. Haha. That black-out kind of sleep. I yearn for the weekend. You are almost in sight. Please, let us date this weekend, by sleeping. Let us sleep. Let me sleep.

 Annnnnd, my time is up. Back to work now.


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