Dangerous Saturdays


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The morning I lust over most is Saturday. It is the day where I retaliate towards the alarm clock and just sleep to my delight.

My regular jagged weekend risings include 8:27, 9:32, 12:44, and so on. I mean, who can resist the thickness of an extended sleep at such a lovely morning? I would not dare fight it.

You know what’s funny? All of us in the house succumb to gravity during weekends. I woke up one time, ‘twas 7 am I guess. When I checked on my roomies, oh my, we looked like logs washed ashore! Serenity painted our faces. Haha! Such sleep-deprived fellas!

Saturday, if put in the language of disease, is my only benign day. It is the time where I do my errands: fold my clothes, actually put my clothes in the closet (yeah, I leave the delivered laundry spread on the neat floor, judge me!), groceries, jogging, nail-cutting, name it! Sometimes, when I am not in the mood to move my ass and organize, I end up just reading or watching tv. But the worst scenario would be, I’d binge-eat when I get hungry.


Exhibit A: Your honor, the evidence suggests that the subject is impervious and hungry. It is not ridiculous to speculate that this woman, who claims to jog regularly, eats cereal (without milk) together with peanut brittle, cookies, danggit, franks, ensalada and sinigang. She does not care, your honor. She’s hungry, your honor…

I know my feeble exercise would not solve my bulging problems but man; it is so awesome to raid the fridge and the cupboard! They keep secret things. Those that should not be dealt with if one is serious about being healthy…but how could they keep something so yummy?

I got worried, especially since I ate a lot of pizza in the office the past week, (and some devilish chocolate muffins too!) and so, I jogged hard today! By the time I finished, I’m one proud sweatball! ( Intro: I came in like a wreeeeeeeecking ball!)

But when I got home, the smell of the sea greeted me. And that only means one thing, I have to take a bath.

Kidding! No, my roomie, she cooked what I call the “under the sea” soup! (Sorry, I ate without taking photos, lol). It has shrimps in it, tahong, malunggay, tomatoes, lahat na! It tasted like the ocean. Hay~! How I wish I could be womanly like her. She loves to cook, stitch, garden, and even fix the plumbing! I always tease her about getting the highest dowry among us, hahaha! While her family gets a dozen cows and carabaos plus chicken and goats for her hand, I’d be lucky to get a duck! (And it would not be a female duck even!)

After the sumptuous meal and some tv consumption (ANC had a great story on women in the government! Kudos! Loving them even more: Henares, Morales, de Lima and Sereno), I was preparing to retire when the doorbell rang. It was my other roomie, and she brought bad news:


Yep, a sinful chocolate cake, which I eagerly devoured despite some toothbrush and Listerine. Ugh, my monster Saturday appetite. Why oh why!

Oh well, I guess it would not hurt to eat like a man once in a while a week. Besides, I eat bland food (fastfood) on weekdays so they’d cancel each other and I’d be healthy. Haha. No really, I plan to replenish my kimchi supply so I could have more veggie and less oily and sugary food. Also, hopefully I get to jog more frequently, especially when there’s soup waiting for me when I get home. :)


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