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[The following post was written haphazardly. Fragments are all-over the place. Girliness punctuate statements…you have been informed.]

Holy week is fast approaching. Well, technically, it is already the first day of holy week here in the Philippines but for working people, it starts on a Thursday (non-working holiday!). For non-Filipinos reading this, let me just share that holy week in the Philippines means ‘shut-down’. Since ours is a Catholic country, we commemorate this week through reflection. Everything is literally shut down. You will not find even a single soul in the streets. Every channel on TV will play religion-related shows. Everything is just quiet which is… PERFECT!

I will go home! To my hometown-a 4 hour trip from the capital! I cannot wait! I look forward to the following:

-Real food (meaning cooked by a mother! Has the magic ingredient called… LOVE! Aw!)

-My soft and big bed (my bed here is like strictly for one person only—like thin person.) where I could sleep with LIBERTY! Yipee! Also, I won’t hit the snooze button five tim twenty five times! I could already feel the softness of my bed right now! Wii!

- I will be welcomed by our immaculate restroom once again! Gah~ I missed it so much! I don’t have a photo of it but well, its tiles are white, and they have been like that for like, forever! Thanks to my mom’s tile-whitening skills! And it is so warm in there, and big, and smells nice! It is my home in my home!

Moving on…

-I will also see our lovely, immature, and crazy dog Boom-boom! (I was looking for his picture but….yeah, I remembered my phone was stolen so…) I so miss scratching his belly! And shampooing his furry ears!

I am just very excited about this vacation. I can’t wait! I am on the process of carefully dividing my schedule in to sleeping time, eating time, sleeping time again, and of course, READING! I hope it rains. Crazy idea you might think (or might not think really…think whatever you would like to think, it is your brain anyway..hihi) Returning to my point, reading on my bed while sipping coffee or hot chocolate with melted marshmallows on top of it is just pure bliss!

[Read the following part in European accent!]


[Switch back to your normal accent]

Oh Thursday, come closer…

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