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I have 5 blog entry drafts that have been sitting in my mind but at the moment, my current work assignments won’t even allow me to fart! So I have no choice but to tell them, while looking away, that they will be addressed soon. (At least I did not give my post-modern definition of ‘soon’)…

Anyway, here are some…some things that I just want to share.

I am not sure if 5 years from now, I will curse the April-18-2012 –4:11pm-me for writing these things but hey, I forgive easily so, 5 year older me, buck up!

Who run the world? GIRLS! girls (2nd voice)

“I have been thinking about further ‘exploiting’ my body by juggling more jobs.”

I found this random note in my bipolar notebook /organizer this morning. I asked myself, Geez. What kind of person would request something like that…and even wish it on MY notebook!

And then, I recognized the signature… Err yeah. That was

I think I just got what I asked for. Aside from my 8 am – 5 pm business researcher job, I also have a 6pm-8pm (err…sometimes till 9 pm) tutorial job every weekday! (When my kids have exams, I study with them even during the weekends. )

[I kept on punctuating my thoughts with ‘Err’. If I was not me, I would be annoyed. Lucky me I am not not me. I am me. Skip this mental part please]

My officemates kid me asking if I have a family or what.

I was not offended with the question. But it made me check myself in the mirror.

“Do I look haggard? Do I have big eye bags? Did I not iron my clothes well? …(and other related questions)

Because in my naïve mind, I did not know that working hard (or maybe having many jobs) means you are supporting a family—-like children. I think having many jobs is empowering. My time is not wasted. Though tired, I am happy and satisfied!

More Randomness found [in the leaves of my notebook]:

So many unfinished stories right? Well, basically, they reflect their writer: unfinished…undone…

It is so amazing isn’t it? Friendships borne out of the internet? I just thought about it because my dorm mate shared her own experience of having a close (not romantic) relationship with a virtual friend. Hmmm.

I have been dislike-ing my daily trip to the 7/11 store nearest our building because I have been devouring, nay, eating hesitantly the same fast-food every day. This business culture demands a 1 hour only lunch time so I have no choice but to gallop towards the nearest elevator along with all the office workers of this 30 floor building and see rice and sunshine but alas! Waiting for an available elevator is like waiting for my soul-mate (eh?)…It’s eternity.

On a related note:

One of my colleagues kept on saying he has good news for me but cannot say it yet. Hmmm.

What could it be?

-          Will I get a salary increase? Haha. But why would he know?! He is not my boss…

Err…That is the only valid idea my mind could formulate right now.  It would have been better if he did not tell me this. Unlike now, it always comes to my mind uninvited. What could it be? What could it be? What could it be!

A Froggy evening:

I was escorted by a frog yester-night. Yes! A frog. A real frog! I could hear you repeating the word frog. It is a frog indeed! As I was entering my room last night, I noticed that someone was desperately racing alongside me. True enough, when I focused on my competitor, I was stunned. It is a froogggg! All statements that followed were “AHHHHHHHHHHH”. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. “AAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII”.

I know it is small. But what if it leaps high enough it touches my face? And will stick there? And will not get off? Forever?

It would be a nightmare. Lucky for me my floor mate was kind enough to volunteer to get the frog. I tied plastic bags on each of her hand and then she dived for it.


We let it go to the garden later that night.

Poor poor thing….would what others think of that little frog. But I don’t. I am afraid of them. I don’t like them. The only memory I have of them is when I sedated one in my biology class. And that was it.

I don’t want surprise visits anymore.

Anyway, sorry if I lacked coherence today. I’m just tired maybe.

If you have some random thoughts, share it here as well! Have a great day everyone!