No more

When your deadlines are having you for dinner, you just go on with the digestion and push through the night amid the slumber of the city that claims, never sleeps. I was staring at my monitor and thinking hard on why I failed to drag myself to work that Friday despite being nauseous (I took a Sick Leave instead.Ugh). I should not be doing this undone work had I downed a Redbull or three cups of coffee but HEY! I finished all of them just before the clock striked 12. So yeah, Cinderella is still fine.

I walked along the deserted Ayala Avenue when my phone vibrated. A name from a sketchy past blinked. “I’m at Pasay, where are you?”

What the soggy stinky sock is this thing talking about? I cannot see the completeness of the moon and there were no jeepneys, too. I remember this person’s lenghty story on engineering and wished that that call did not coincide with now. Now that is a decisive place. Now that is awake and conscious of the almost mistakes but nevertheless, almosts.

“You listen to Absofacto’s Lies. It’s a beautiful song. Also, do not call me ever again.”


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