Absofacto, Cigs, and Holiday Work

It’s holiday today but as usual, work does not care and just go on with its endless cycle of analyses and reports. But before we get depressive, which we should not be because work is a blessing, I just have an explosion of thoughts at work which I am about to share so brace your teeth!

Okay so that was rude you guys. The joke I forced would sound funny if you pronounce teeth the way my mom pronounces it:teet. Uh oh. For mature men out there, I commend you for not thinking of a part of a body part when I said teet…

Moving on, I had a good high from a newly discovered indie western band named absofacto. I listened to dissolve and boy was I refreshed! I was like, what the hell is this poetry in a sexy man’s voice!

Sheez, it was beauty.

Then I played another song, titled Lies…and I just snapped! I immersed myself into the song while analyzing a freaking complicated pledging activity. And I felt hurt, left out, then I felt I am dating a quiet guy, with secrets I cannot purify, then boom, he changes by not making new lies. Whut! It was an intense soft song. I loved it! Please listen to Absofacto, definitely a sensible artsy deep band. Ugh. Love ’em. :)

Speaking of high, which I condemn if related to drugs and other addictive substances, I find cigarettes amusing. Hssssshhh! Before you freakin judge me you judgmental person, let me just narrate why.

There’s something about the bunch that goes out of the bldg to smoke their cigs. They usually have interesting lips for observation. And their scent, it’s weird but a mixture smell of sweat and mint and old clothes your granny used to wear. There is something evasive about them, they won’t let you in if you do not entertain chemicals the way they do.

Guys that smoke are hard to read. I stereotype them based on what I see on tv but it crashes my reality bec. some smoker guys I know are pretty cool.

I have this weird thing where I observe lips of people when they talk. “She has a moustache upclose”, “His is pink, despite smoking half a pack per day,” “His upper teeth are just well aligned.”

How`d you kiss a pair of lips that communes with myriads of deliberately bad chemicals? Ahhh. Maybe that’s why love is needed…or maybe strong attraction, to overcome those hovering thoughts.

Anyhow, I was not able to trump my quota so I have to work again later. On a Saturday. And my brother is in some beach to celebrate his birtday. Which is only 4 days later than mine.

I have nothing else to say as clock says 2:28 AM. I will sleep now. Ahhhhh sleep.


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