Moving on

2:05, says my phone clock. But here I am, wide awake, intoxicated from the fabric conditioner I just soaked my clothes with. Sometimes I wish I could just biologically peel off my clothing to have new clothes so I do not get to wash them anymore. I could send all of them to the nextdoor laundryshop but these dang office clothes are as delicate as a baby skin! Ugh, why?

I have been clean for two weeks! Yep, no caffeine entered my body and I did not know I could actually eject my feelings for it. You see, since college it has been a great buddy. It has sent me to the hospital, has made me awake for two days, has made my breath insect repellant, but never never  did I let it go. Not until two weeks ago. Why? Because it just does not feel the same way anymore. And dear coffee, that’s okay. Change is okay.

And so, I am saying goodbye to this blog, too. :)

This page really caught a lot of my fresh grad memories- my silly bus stories, angsts, happy stuff, funny vignettes (I hope), and along the way, I even made friends with some bloggers! How cool is that?

I learned to like writing, blogging, and reading a lot more with this page. But like the coffee, it has finally  reached its peak.

To everyone, anyone who read my entries, those who subscribed, just literally anyone that read and laughed or cried or related to my write-ups, thank you a bunch! I’d surely miss hanging out in this atmosphere but I gotta fly now. I’ll be moving on to another blog and start a new blogging life.

Thanks for the inspiration, guys! I’ll see you around. :)


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